About Myself.

I'm Adam Bartley. I'm a 25 year old based out of Detroit, MI.


Art, Books, Funky Beats, Good Vibes, Self-Education, Traveling, and Writing are the things that make me tick.

What is the point of this website?


This website will enable me to have one point of reference for all creative content that I will continually work on, making it easier for overall transparency for not only myself but for those who are interested. Perhaps, it can serve as my resume, portfolio and the way I network with others. 

This is my website dedicated to the things that excite me. I find myself fascinated by social media and the way it allows us to create and share our messages and the things that truly thrill us. However, recently I have noticed a correlation of the more time I spend on these platforms the less I feel that I am actually catching up with loved ones, staying updated with information I find relevant... and typically leaving the various apps unhappy about how I spent my time. 

Let's think of this opportunity as a chance for all of us to further our creativity by developing our own personalized websites. This is the internet I am thrilled to be a part of!