Journey to 1,000.

A personal goal that started off as a journey to 50, has led from an increase to 150 to all of a sudden 1,000. 


1,000 what? You may ask. 


My goal is to publish a newsletter every week until I read a total of 1,000 books.

Join the adventure, and let's learn.


Here are the books I have read thus far... please let me know if you are looking for any recommendations!

Another resourceful place to keep up with the books I am reading/set to read later on is my Goodreads account.

227. The Culture Code by: Daniel Coyle

226. World Beyond Your Head by: Matthew B. Crawford

225. 1665: Journal of the Plague Year by: Daniel Defoe

224. Reinventing Knowledge by: Ian F. McNeely & Lisa Wolverton

223. The Dream Machine by: M. Mitchell Waldrop

222. Saint Thomas Aquinas by: G.K. Chesterton

221. College: What it Was, Is and Should be by: Andrew Delblanco

220. How To Take Smart Notes by: Sonke Ahrens

219. Man Interrupted by: Phil Zimbardo

218. War and Peace in the Global Village by: Marshall McLuhan

217. Facebook: The Inside Story by: Steven Levy

216. Timothy Leary by: Robert Greenfield

215. The Rise of Universities by: Charles Homer Haskins

214. Utopia is Creepy by: Nicholas Carr

213. Freud, Jung and Hall the King-Maker by: Saul Rozenweig

212. Civilized to Death by: Christopher Ryan

211. The Human Use of Human Beings by: Norbert Wiener

210. Turings Cathedral by: George Dyson

209. Laws of Media by: Eric & Marshall McLuhan

208. Surveillance Capitalism by: James Gleick

207. The Information by: James Gleick

206. Cybernetics by: Norbert Wiener. (*as of 6/15/20)

205. Psychoinformatics by: Tamanna Gupta.

204. Doors of Perception by: Aldous Huxley

203. Infinite Jest by: David Foster Wallace

202. Atlas Shrugged by: Ayn Rand

201. Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus by: Douglas Rushkoff

200. Critical Path by: Buckminster Fuller

199. Finite and Infinite Games by: James Carse

198. Targeted by: Brittany Kaiser

197. The Perennial Philosophy by: Aldous Huxley

196. Marshall McLuhan: Escape into Understanding by: W. Terrance Gordon

195. Amusing Ourselves to Death by: Neil Postman. *as of 3/25/20.

194. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by: Marshall McLuhan.

193. The Cyber Effect by: Mary Aiken

192. Mind and Nature by: Gregory Bateson.

191. What Technology Wants by: Kevin Kelly.

190. Getting Gamers by: Jamie Madigan.

189. The Better Angels of Our Nature by: Stephen Pinker.

188. The Medium is the Message by: Marshall McLuhan

187. From Cyberculture to Counterculture by: Fred Turner

186. Human Compatible by: Stuart Russell

185. Coders by: Clive Thompson

184. Tiny Habits by: BJ Fogg.

183. The Master Switch by: Tim Wu.

182. Team Human by: Douglas Rushkoff. *as of 1/7/20.

181. Human by: Michael S. Gazzaniga.

180. Hello World by: Hannah Fry.

179. Filter Bubble by: Eli Pariser.

178. Island by: Aldous Huxley

177. The Optimism Bias by: Tali Sharot.

176. Aldous Huxley by: Nicholas Murray.

175. Addiction by Design by: Natasha Dow Schull.

174. Fins by: William Knoedelseder.

173. Dark Hero of the Information Age by: Flo Conway

172. Data Dictatorships by: Borja Moya

171. Thinking Fast and Slow by: Daniel Kahneman.

170. The Harvard Psychedelic club by: Don Lattin.

169. Glow Kids by: Nicholas Kardaras.

168. Persuasive Technology by: BJ Fogg.

167. Bowling Alone by: Robert Putnam

166. Prius or Pickup? By: Marc Hetherington and Jonathon Weiler.

165. Innovators by: Walter Issacson

164. Abundance by: Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler

163. Brave New World by: Aldous Huxley

162. Stealing Fire by: Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal.

161. Anatomy of Love by: Helen Fisher.

160. The History of the Future by: Blake J. Harris.

159. The New Digital Age by: Eric Schmidt

158. Get the Life You Want by: Richard Bandler

157. The Upstarts by: Brad Stone.

156. Hooked by: Nir Eyal

155. How to win friends and Influence People by: Dale Carnegie

154. Side Hustle by: Chris Guillebeau.

153. You are not a gadget by: Jaron Lanier.

152. Mind to Matter by: Dawson Church.

151. The Simulation Hypothesis by: Rizwan Virk.

150. The Laws of Human Nature by: Robert Greene

149 How to Create a Mind by: Ray Kurzweil

148 Never Enough by: Judith Grisel

147. Hacking Darwin by: Jamie Metzl

146. Waking up by: Sam Harris.

145. The Everything Store by: Brad Stone.

144. Bad Blood by: John Carreyou

143. The Second Machine Age by: Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew Mcafee

142. The Biology of Belief by: Bruce Lipton

141. The Attention Merchants by: Tim Wu/

140. Detroit City is the Place to Be by: Mark Binelli

139. Zero to One by: Peter Theil

138. After On by: Rob Reid

137. The Beginning of Infinity by: David Deutsch

136. American Overdose by: Chris Mcgreal

135. Digital Minimalism by: Cal Newport

134. Zucked by: Roger McNamee

133. The Road Less Traveled by: M. Scott Peck.

132. Your Brain on the Internet by: Nicholas Carr.

131. No One Cares About Crazy People by: Ron Powers.

130. Nomadland by: Jessica Bruder

129. Here Comes Everybody by: Clay Shirky

128. Capture by: David A. Kessler

127. Reader Come Home by: Maryanne Wolf

126. Walden by: Henry David Thoreau

125. Realms of the Human Unconscious by: Stanislav Groff

124. Hallucinations by: Oliver Sacks

123. Detroit by: Charlie Leduff

122. Elon Musk by: Ashlee Vance

121. Lost Connections by: Johann Hari

120. Brief Answers to the big questions by: Stephen Hawking.

119. Life INC. By: Douglas Rushkoff

118. John Lennon by: Phillip Norman

117. Focus by: Daniel Goleman

116. Shrinks by: Jeffrey A. Lieberman.

115. The River of Consciousness by: Oliver Sacks

114. Your Brain On Music By: Daniel J. Levitin

113. The Selfish Gene By: Richard Dawkins

112. Be Here Now By: Ram Dass

111. The Moral Landscape By: Sam Harris

110. University Inc. By: Jennifer Washburn

109. How To Change Your Mind By: Michael Pollan

108. The Coddling of The American Mind by: Greg Lukianoff

107. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol By: Andy Warhol.

106. The Evolution of God by: Robert Wright

105. Steve Jobs by: Walter Issacson

104. iGen by: Jean M. Twenge

103. Evolution of Everything by: Matt Ridley

102. Musicophilia by: Oliver Sacks

101. Future Bright by: Michael E. Martinez

100. Fantasyland by: Kurt Anderson

99. The Singularity is Near by: Ray Kurzweil

98. After Snowden by: Ronald Goldfarb

97. Stumbling on Happiness by: Daniel Gilbert

96. Elephant in The Brain by: Kevin Simler

95. On the Move by: Oliver Sacks

94. Mortality by: Christopher Hitchens

93. Nudge By: Richard Thaler

92. The War of The Sexes by: Paul Seabright

91. Enlightenment Now by: Steven Pinker

90. Raising the Floor by: Andy Stern

89. Grit by: Angela Duckworth

88. Why Buddhism is True by: Robert Wright

87. The Time Pardox by: Phil Zimbardo

86. Free Will by: Sam Harris

85. The Main Spring of Human Progress by: Henry Grady Weaver. 

84. The Social Animal by: David Brooks.         

83. Life 3.0. By: Max Tegmark.                         

82. Your Brain is A Time Machine by: Dean Buonomano.                                                       

81. What Should I Do With My life by: Po Bronson.                                                          

80. Science in the Soul by: Richard Dawkins.

79. Live Work Work Work Die by: Corey Pein.                     

78. The Goal by: Eliyahu M. Goldratt.                         

77. Venture Deals by: Brad Feld.                    

76. How Good Do You Want to Be? By: Nick Saban.                                                               

75. The Righteous Mind by: Jonathon Haidt.              

74. Ten Arguments for Deleting your Social Media Accounts by: Jaron Lanier.                            

73. Alone Together by: Sherry Turkle.                 

72. 1984 by: George Orwell.                          

71. Hitch 22 by: Christopher Hitchens.                                                          

70. Drive by: Daniel Pink.

69. In Praise Of Slowness by: Carl Honore.                              

68. Irresistible by: Adam Alter.                                                                

67. The Four Hour Work Week by: Timothy Ferriss.                                                             

66. The Seventh Sense by: Joshua Cooper Rand.                                                                

65. The Virgin Way by: Richard Branson.                                             

64. The Seven Sins of Wall Street by: Bob Ivry.                                                                    

63. How Luck Happens by: Janice Kaplan.

62. Reclaiming Conversation by: Sherry Turkle.                                                                                          61. The Tipping Point by: Malcolm Gladwell.                                                        

60. Marx and Marxism by: Gregory Claeys.

59. The Four by: Scott Galloway.                                                          

58. The Universe in A Single Atom by: Dalai Lama.                                                                

57. The Republican War on Science by: Chris Mooney.                                                            

56. Everybody Lies by: Seth Stephens- Davidowitz.                                                      

55. The Enlightenment Vision by: Stuart Jordan.                                                             

54. Tribe by: Sebastian Junger.                                     

53. How We Learn by: Benedict Carey.                 

52. The StoryTellers Secret by: Carmine Gallo.                                                                 

51. Dawn of the New Everything by: Jaron Lanier.                                                               

50. How We Work by: Leah Weiss Ph.D

49. Born Digital by: John Palfrey                                                              

48. Mastery by: George Leonard.                                             

47. Secrets of Silicon Valley by: Deborah Perry Piscione.                                                

46. David and Goliath by: Malcolm Gladwell.

45. Your Brain on Food by: Gary Wenk.                                                                                                      44. Imagine by: Jonah Lehrer.                       

43. The Next America by: Paul Taylor.          

42. BANG! by: Linda Kaplan Thaler.                                                               

41. Free by Chris Anderson.                                               

40. The Other 90% by Robert K. Cooper.

39. Ecological Intelligence by: Daniel Goleman.                                                          

38. Rework by: Jason Fried.                                                      

37. The Thank You Economy by: Gary Vaynerchuk.                                                     

36. Guitar Zero by: Gary Marcus.                         

35. Rewire by: Ethan Zuckerman.

34. The Opposable Mind by: Roger Martin.                                                                               

33. A General Theory of Love by: Thomas Lewis M.D.                                                                 

32. Take The Stairs by: Rory Vaden.              

31. Start With Why by Simon Sinek.             

30. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

29. The man’s guide to women by John and Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD.                                          

28. Contagious by: Jonah Berger.                                                   

27. The Art of Non-Conformity by: Chris Guillebeau.                                                     

26. To Sell Is Human by: Daniel Pink.                                                       

25. The Ghost in My Brain by: Clark Elliot, Ph.D.,                                                                    

24. The Gift of Adversity by: Norman E. Rosenthal.                                                         

23. Change your Brain Change Your Life by: Daniel G. Amen.                                               

22. The Improbability Principle by: David J. Hand.

21. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.                                                                                                               20. How Pleasure Works by Paul Bloom.

19. Owning Your Own Shadow By: Robert A. Johnson.

18. Yoga for people who can’t be bothered doing it by: Geoff Dyer

17. Creativity: the psychology of discovery and invention by: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi                         16. You are your choices by Alexandra Stoodard.

15. Living With The Devil by Stephen Batchelor.

14. The Scientist in The Crib by Alison Gopnik, Ph. D.

13. Temperament by Stuart Isacoff.

12. How Reading changed my life by: Anna Quilden.

11. You are a Badass by: Jen Sincero.

10. How the Body Knows it’s mind by Sian Bellock.

9. The man who mistook his job for a life By: Jonathan Lazear.

8. Smart Thinking by Art Markman, PHD.         

7. In Search of Meaning by: Viktor Frankl.

6. Waking The Spirit, by Andrew Schulman.

5. The Naked Brain by Richard Restak, M.D.             
4. A whole new mind by Daniel H. Pink.

3. The wisdom of Insecurity by: Alan Watts.               
2. How to be a 3% man by: Corey Wayne.

1. Flow by: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi