Journey to 1,000.

Journey to 1,000 what?

Journey to 1,000 books.

My ultimate goal up until 2032 is to read 1,000 books.

How did this start?

I reached a point in my life, where I knew something needed to change. I was truthfully unhappy and knew that if I didn't start searching for myself, I was going to live a not so pleasant life.

So then, I asked myself what is something that I always wished I did more of?

Reading. Of course it was reading.

I honestly could not remember reading a book in its entirety since perhaps being assigned to read "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak in my sophomore year of high school.

Bear in mind, I was a senior in college at the time. 0 books completed on my own in the past 7 years or so... one would think that being in college it would be the ideal time to delve deep into books. But that was not the case for me at the time.

It started as an initial goal to read 50 books before I graduated college.

To be honest, the first book I chose to read was the absolute hardest. Just as the first attempt of any hopeful habit we are trying to acquire.

The first book I chose to read was a book titled "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

The whole idea of experiencing flow is pretty simple. Essentially, flow is the equivalent of "being in the zone". You know that moment when you are so immersed into the present? Where your only concern is the present and whatever else arises into your environment. Envision when you are playing a piano and the notes seem to seamlessly come about and your fingers are all of the sudden moving and hitting the proper chords at the right time. Imagine you are in the midst of a championship football game and you go out to kick the game-winning field goal.. and all you do is hone in on your breath and let your leg loose and kick the game-winner.

If you were to be interviewed after being in a flow-like state, one can hardly articulate just how it feels. Typically, it is happiness and a feeling of ease. (FLOW)

Needless to say, after the first book I was hooked! I wanted more. Just to think, one has the ability to get so immersed into a book, and then you are able to practice the lessons you learned from the book into your actual live. Except this time.... was the best of them all, I can choose what I want to read myself!

Getting a library card was an absolute necessity of a next step, as there was no possible way I wanted to spend the money on 50 books before graduating. Needless to say, I have fallen deeply in love with libraries of all sorts, as I have found an increasing amount of books for free that have furthered my knowledge. But we will save this conversation for later on why libraries are the greatest resource we have for a later blog post.

Books on self-help, technological innovations, biographies of intriguing historical figures, books on topics I never thought I'd find myself interested in such as: neuroscience, computer science, genetics, etc... all for FREE!

With that being said: I easily surpassed my goal of 50 books, and wanted to up the ante to 150 before graduating college, as I transitioned my major from Business Administration to Psychology as a result of what I grew an interest in while reading.

Nevertheless, I reached that goal of 150 books a couple of weeks after graduating, and truthfully I found myself more impressed with myself with reading 150 books than receiving my degree.

Naturally, as time has passed and I have shattered my previous goals of reading X amount of books... I have set goals for other areas in my life and so far so good.

I figured it would be silly to stop the goal of reading a certain amount of books by a set date.

My latest goal is to read 1,000 books before 2032. Being that a lot can change in 12 years, it'll be interesting to see what the trends of my reading/life experience(s) and goals will be.

So cheers to setting ridiculous goals and chasing them.

The world is our oyster.