Why make a personalized website?

The reason is simple. When one is given a fresh canvas, one is free to use it how they'd like.

Consider this website my canvas. The words and content that flow on from here we can consider as my paint brush.... with each word paint is brushed further on to the canvas.

Consider the ability to use the internet as a catalyst for our creativity. The ability to display our creativity on the web via our own websites is an exemplar of this.

So why not make a website?

This space isn't confined to 280 characters. Or pictures cropped to a square.

This website has no restrictions, no set guidelines, for myself to follow. Consider this a return to the day where we were all able to further our creativity on the web, rather than conforming to the latest trends on social media platforms. Divergent thinking is required on our own website.

While serving as a creative space, the content I will post on here will include just about anything that tickles my fancy... or something I feel I need to give further thought about.

Social media can be confining. Creating our own personalized websites leads to infinite potential. We can reinvent the internet if we chose to pursue topics that enhance and challenge us, rather than extract from us... as unfortunately way too many of our online platforms currently do.

We don't use Big Tech's products, we are their products. And it is a sad truth.

So please join the fun, and choose to create your own personalized website. There are so many wonderful platforms.. Like Wix for example that enables you to create one for free, and you are able to unlock more features at an additional price.

Together we can reclaim the internet and halt the constant embrace for a culture of same-ism. Instead we can use the internet as our tool for expression, a bicycle for our minds and a creative avenue.

Cheers to a prosperous 2020 and a step towards putting ourselves out there creatively,

Adam Bartley